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We are a professional OEM electronic accessories factory, metal parts manufacturing business, we can produce according to the customer the gooseneck design or ODM according to customer requirements.
As a processing factory, we continue to provide the right parts for customers according to the market demand. Our major markets include the United States and Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, and South asia. There are three main types of our products at present.
We have 1. gooseneck, whole process, according to customer requirements, production of gooseneck gooseneck. Available...
In 2 ~ 20.0mm in diameter and diameter / length to reduce the request of the client of the gooseneck. Bending ability from soft to medium, hard. The gooseneck can support weight and keep the wishes of the user location, user can in any direction change and keep users face in the hands of the gooseneck. We provide surface treatment according to customer requirements, for example, silver, zinc, chromium, nickel, black, color and so on, we can apply PVC in black, grey, according to customer requirements of white or other colors.
If the customer needs, we will be happy to end in a gooseneck tube fixed screw fittings.
Gooseneck production, if customers need to comply with RoHS s...
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